Sunday, August 3, 2014

Didier Drogba - a living legend!

As I said before, Zola was my childhood hero and probably my favorite Chelsea player of all time! But if we are talking about modern Chelsea legend, there is one name that everyone will think of: Didier Drogba! He’s probably the Chelsea’s greatest modern legend! As much as it was sad when he was leaving us, it was so delightful to see him again on Stamford Bridge this summer when he played against us for Galatasaray. It was one of the most emotional moments since I’m watching football. But to expect at that moment that he will actually play again for Chelsea just a few months after? I didn’t even dream about it! Well, it happened! The same moment I read the article by Atdhe Football that he is back, I was delighted! I couldn’t believe it for a second, but after I realized it’s true – it was great! From that moment I can’t wait for the first game to see Drogs in our kit again!

So what can we expect from 36 years old legend? Can he play significant role this year or he will just come in as a substitute for Costa and Torres here and there? Well, no matter what I’m sure he will contribute to our success this season a lot! Even if he plays just a little, he is definitely capable of scoring a lot of goals (his record is crazy) and bring a lot of points to us! Can’t wait!

Is Matic better than Luiz?

I read an interesting statement from Jose Mourinho today, basically what he's saying is that Chelsea will be stronger this year without David Luiz, who signed this summer to PSG. He says that Luiz were never the first choice for central defender anyway (Terry and Cahil were) and that we won't miss Luiz in midfield either: now that Matic can play in Champions League.

What are your thoughts on this? Personally, I agree with Jose. I really like Luiz and I think he was great for us. But at this point, we won't really miss him a lot. Matic showed us in  just a few months that he's a beast and I think his style of play is contributing much more to our game. Also, Matic is extremely versatile midfielder. Now, when we also have Fabregas on the team - I could easily say that selling Luiz for that kind of money was an excellent job!

Good look to Luiz though!

Blue 4 Life!

Hello fellow Blues fans! My name is Gabriel and I have been a huge Chelsea fan basically since forever! There is something about this club that made me fall in love with it when I was just a little kid who was just starting to follow football. I'm from generation that grew up watching the great Zola and he was always my idol!